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Title Insurance

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What exactly is it and must I have it?  For these and other such questions, see our informative FAQ page.


As to our Services, if you have not purchased real estate lately, you will find that the process is different than it used to be.  There is more paperwork and headache.  More people have liens that attach to property and problems that create title clouds since the Great Recession, which - yes - actually did affect people financially.


Do not worry.  Young Title Company is here to help.  As a member of Texas Land Title Association and American Land Title Association, we follow ALTA’s Best Practices and are also governed by Texas Department of Insurance, which heavily regulates title insurance companies in Texas.  (


While we are not a bank that is governed by CFPB (the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), we work with your bank by helping you the Consumer.  CFPB is the government agency to answer your mortgage or credit question, and they also have helpful information on closings. (


Young Title checks the title and property taxes, and helps coordinate with attorneys who are working to analyze or cure title problems. (Owner Sydney Young is one of our attorneys – link). We coordinate with banks for closing dates and funding, and we help coordinate off site closings if you do not live here.  We prepare or coordinate your Settlement Statement or Consumer Disclosure and Texas Disclosure.  We file your documents for you.  We collect, and then we pay, your closing costs.


We watch for fraud and we protect your privacy, as well as your identity. Do not be surprised that we check your ID for every closing – this is for your protection.


As you can see, Young Title Company does many things to help you with your closing.  Afterward, we send buyers and lenders their title policies and we fund the purchase money to the Seller and pay off liens.  We are vital to your real property ownership and always strive to help you and make it a little easier for you, at this exciting and stressful time in your life.

To save yourself time in the transfer process, please download and print out these forms and fill them out before visiting Young Title Company Inc. Please call us if you have any questions about what information is required.

Young Title Company Inc. has the highest credentialed attorneys in the area with over 50 years of experience.


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